How to ace the interview & win your dream job

February 22, 2005

How to ace the interview & win your dream job

Attending a job interview can be a daunting task especially if it?s for your dream job. To many people, it is a mystery how employers decide who should get the job. Is it about qualifications, or experience, personality, looks or is it more about what you know?

In actual fact anyone can win any job they want if they simply find out what the employer is looking for and then identify how they can best fit the bill. In my experiences working in recruitment and as a Career Coach, I have found that interviewees who consistently do well in interviews and win the best jobs have a few things in common.

They spend a lot of time researching and preparing for the interview
They research the position, the organisation and the type of person that would add the most value to the role. The next step is identifying what qualities they have that meet these requirements and how best to sell these to the interviewer.

They look immaculate
You know the sort: the minute that they walk into the room everyone takes notice of them because they are dressed immaculately. Their shoes are polished and not a hair is out of place. They have excellent eye contact and a firm but not too hard handshake. This is not about how good looking they are; just how well dressed and professional they look. No short skirts or low cut tops.

They are able to identify what the interviewer wants to hear and say it
In my view, this is the most important point of all. Interviewees who find out what the employer is looking for and demonstrate how they can fill that need almost always win the job. For example if the job description says teamwork is essential, the website says that the organisation prides itself on its teamwork and during the interview there are lots of questions about teamwork. Then it is fair to say that your ability to work in a team is going you be very important to the interviewer. In this example a high performing interviewee would tell the employer/s how well you work in a team, give examples of team successes that they have contributed to. They would also ask about the team that they would be working in should they win the job and if it feels right, might even ask to meet the team.

They are never arrogant and always positive
Interviewees who consistently do well in interviews are confident of their skills. They know that they are good at what they do and are not afraid to talk about how and why they are good, what they do and why they are the very best person for the job. On the flipside, they are never arrogant. If interviewers ask a question they think is stupid they will simply answer the question rather than responding negatively. They do not try to big note them self and absolutely never say anything negative during the interview. In particular never say anything negative about past employers, past co-workers or clients.

This article is written by Lisa O?Brien from Careerscoach
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