How To Achieve Balance In Your Life

August 13, 2012

Who doesn’t dream of living a more balanced life? Life coach Shannah Kennedy, author of Simplify Structure Succeed, knows how to achieve it, and shares the first step in creating calm, balance and success.

It may sound simplistic, but creating routine and structure in your day is the key to creating a calm, balanced and successful life. Structure is a powerful and highly underrated tool that will fundamentally change your life for the better.

To achieve your goals, every part of your life needs to be planned for and supported. And I mean everything: work, exercise, nutrition, money, fun, time out – every activity and every element in your life needs to be supported.

This is because when you have the right structure in place, all the basics are covered so you then have the room and the freedom to be spontaneous and to grab new opportunities without sacrificing any of your normal obligations. It gives you balance and clarity and, just as importantly, the space and freedom you need to work towards achieving your ambitions.

“My life is so hectic,” people complain. “I’m rushing from one thing to the next;, I’m always busy., I’ve got so much on my plate and I never have any time for myself.” More often than not iIt’s these very same people who say they don’t have a diary or a planner.

It’ is impossible to have control over your life if you have no structure to support your daily activities, which means you must have a diary or a planner.

Not having a diary is an act of self-sabotage – it’s like charging expenses on your credit card all month and, not keeping tabs onf your spending, never asking for receipts, and then complaining that your credit card bill is so high.

Whether you use an online planner or a paper diary, spend time every day planning each activity. Sit down and plan out how you’re going to spend your time so that it works for you. A week-to-a-page diary is a perfect ‘“at a glance”‘ representation of how busy your life is and it will allows you to check in with your tasks, behaviours, values and beliefs.

5 questions to guide your diary planning:

1. Have I covered my values?

2. Have I booked in space and downtime to recharge myself?

3. Have I booked in quality time with those most important to me?

4. What are the rewards and consequences?

5. Have I structured calm and balance by using my toolbox well?

You will then see how much time you actually do have to be spontaneous!

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