How To Achieve Front Row Glam

April 23, 2013

Fashion week might be behind us but skin health therapist, former model and Veet Beauty Director, Amy Erbacher shares her insider tips on achieving front row glam anytime – from skin prep to fail-proof hair.

1. Be organised, have your outfit and accessories pretty much planned the night before as this will save a meltdown when time poor.

2. Dewy and radiant skin – have a gentle skin peel, exfoliating and hydrating facial before your special event, your skin will thank you for it – not to mention compliments you will receive!

3. Get a spray tan. This is crucial for a natural glow and a hint of colour to even out skin complexion.

4. Groomed hands and feet – no chipped nail polish!

5. Wear an outfit you feel confident and chic in and finish with a sexy heel. If you feel amazing in your outfit it will show.

6. Depending on the outfit, you can’t go wrong with tousled bed hair or a high pony tail.

What are your best beauty tips for looking amazing anytime?

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