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How To Add Value To Your Home For Less

How To Add Value To Your Home For Less

How To Add Value To Your Home For Less

Off the back of successful shows like The Block and Renovation Rescue, we all fancy ourselves a home renovator – everyday Aussies now have the confidence that you don’t have to be a professional builder, plumber or painter to add value to your property.

Veteran property expert Peter Sissons has certainly noticed that minor alterations, like new carpet, a lick of paint or new blinds can mean the difference between achieving and exceeding your desired asking price.

“I have seen properties undertake a minor facelift and achieve up to $35,000 more than expected at sale time.

“In this competitive and tough property market all sellers need to be looking at how they can best present their property, and how they can make small improvements to impress the buyers.”

Which rooms should you focus on improving?
Looks for less

1. Paint – never underestimate how much a fresh paint job will improve the opinion of your home, so little investment for so much return

2. Flooring – This really isn’t that expensive, whether it’s carpet or tile, new flooring can make such a difference to any room in the house

3. Lights – Lights are another easy addition that can literally brighten your home, making it so inviting

4. Window dressing – new curtains or blinds make a property look cared for

5. Landscaping – Often forgotten but always the first impression buyers get, don’t neglect your garden

6. Don’t forget the roof – it makes up more than 50% of the visual impact of the home, so pay attention to this part of your home

Game changers

1. Bathroom – If you can afford it, an extra bathroom can take you into the next price bracket, it may cost $15,000 but could increase the end value by as much as $40,000+

2. Kitchen – Kitchens are often the most important room in the house for new owners, make sure yours is up to scratch

3. Living Area – If you have the space, an extra living area is a must for family homes now

4. Car park – No longer one car households, extra space for cars in garages or driveways are a big plus

5. Laundry – Any mother will tell you this is one of the most overlooked rooms in the house – appeal to families with a well appointed laundry

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