How To Avoid Family Conflicts This Christmas

December 12, 2012

There are very few families who don’t experience conflicts around Christmas time. Funny how this time of the year brings up all the grievances and control issues that have occurred between family members over the past. Leading psychologist Dr Mary Casey has some great tips to help you avoid any drama these holidays.


I love this because quite often the biggest problem is that we are so quick to talk about family members and get involved in what we think they should do and shouldn’t do. What they do is none of your business and vice versa. Allow them to do what is meaningful to them and you do what is important to you.

Keep the real spirit of Christmas in mind

That is to celebrate the spiritual side by being understanding, non-judging, caring and loving. Try and see situations in another light. Where you might think someone is being nasty, see it as though they need to most love.

Don’t buy into any family members conflicts that don’t concern you

Quite often we think we are being kind and supporting but the truth is that people need to sort their own stuff. Let family members sort it between themselves.

Put it away

Make a decision to put any grievances you may have until after the season is over. Chances are that you will forget most of it by then anyway.

Mary has over 30 years’ experience in health and education and specialises in counselling and personal development. She is founder and CEO of the Casey Centre, a leading integrated health and education service with more than250 and 700 graduates a year in three centres across NSW. Visit

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