How To Avoid Indigestion And Heartburn

May 30, 2013

From feeling a little bloated after breakfast, to experiencing a burning sensation after a spicy curry,
to dreading the acid rise after a night out indulging in alcohol – if your tummy is upset from time to
time, you are not alone! Around two million Aussies experience heartburn and indigestion
discomfort, every day.

Veteran and home-grown media personality Denise Drysdale knows the discomfort of heartburn and indigestion only too well. Here are her personal tips and hints on how to avoid tummy trouble and maintaining good digestive health.

1. Go natural

Instead of reaching for a pharmaceutical drug, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about natural
solutions to heartburn and indigestion like Iberogast. If, like me, you are getting to that stage in life
where you are already popping an assortment of pills daily to ward off the ageing process, I’m sure a
natural medicine is a welcomed alternative.

2. Say ‘no’ to late night curries

If you work late hours and like spices as much as I do, this can sometimes be challenging. Try and
enjoy your evening meal at least three hours before you go to bed so your tummy is settled and ready
to snooze as well.

Embrace the water chaser

Alcohol tends to irritate the stomach lining. Drink alcohol in moderation and get into the habit of
sipping on a glass of water between drinks. If you’re out for a big night, monitor your alcoholic drinks
and try and steer clear of the acidic drinks like wine, whiskey and vodka.

Pillow talk

Sleep with lots of pillows to prop your head up so you are not too flat in your bed. Sleeping at an
upright angle can help keep acid down where it belongs and reduce night-time battles with
heartburn and indigestion.

What is Iberogast? Iberogast is the clinically proven combination of 9 natural extracts that work together to provide
relief of a range of gut symptoms such as heartburn and indigestion. Iberogast has been used by an
estimated 25 million people worldwide for over 50 years. Iberogast is the only complementary
medicines for IBS and Functional Dyspepsia assessed for efficacy by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Administration (TGA).

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