“How to be Married” by Polly Williams

July 29, 2010

How To Be Married By Polly Williams

Domestic goddess? Yummy mummy? Having it all? It’s impossible. It’s hard to be a woman and it’s even harder to be a wife… Sadie Drew thinks she must be the world’s worst wife. She only needs to walk into a room to make it untidy. She wears flannel pyjamas in bed. She can’t cook. Furry things live in her fridge. But she’s a busy, working mother not a wifebot, and her husband Tom loves her as she is.

Until he gets a new, high-pressure job and things start to change. There are his colleagues’ terrifying uber-wives to entertain. Tom works later and later. Then there are the endless rows, and the smell of another woman’s perfume on his suit.

Sadie has a choice: risk losing everything or transform herself into the perfect wife. What is a perfect wife anyway?

Anna_99 from Shesaid says:

How to be Married is a book that will catch you by surprise, one minute you will be laughing out loud and then you will find yourself caught by the poignancy of the main character, Sadie’s situation. Polly William’s skill lies in not only making her characters utterly believable and entirely loveable but also by crafting a story that completely draws you in.

By the end you feel that you have lived alongside Sadie and shared in the highs and lows of her relationships and her ups and downs. Stylishly written, a must-read book, you will be drawn in from the very beginning. This book is to be inhaled on a cold winters night, don’t start it before dinner – because dinner won’t get made. Highly recommended!

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