How To Buy A Car And Not Get Ripped Off

March 23, 2012

It’s the weekend, and some of us might just be shopping for a car. But oh, the dread of getting ripped off! Marketing Manager Belinda Diprose is a pro when it comes to buying cars (she’s bought plenty herself!), and has put together some great tips for women on how to tackle the sometimes daunting task of buying the right car:

1. Make sure your car fits your life

Are you cruising in the mountains or making room for a car seat? The first thing to think about.

2. Budget

It’s not just the car you’re buying but finance repayment, petrol costs, spare parts and services, and insurance.

3. Shop around

Learn the motor lingo.

4. Channel your girl power

Don’t be intimidated by any hard sales tactics and know how to negotiate.

5. Look before you leap

Take the car you’re interested in on a test drive. If it’s a used car, make sure you find out any problems it had.

Are you confident when it comes to buying a car or does it fill you with dread?

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