How To Care For Your Hair When It’s Cold

March 26, 2012

Did you know the cold weather can damage your locks? So hair experts Francesco Petrone and Kam Huckins from Gallo Hair show us how to care for our hair during the cooler months.

Why does hair dry out so much in winter?

Hair, just like our skin, dries out due to the lack of moisture, winter’s low temperatures and excessive winds affect hair. Heating our homes in winter removes vital moisture, drying hair out further. Using that hair dryer more than in summer, and not using any protective products, does your locks no favours.

Is it ok to go outside with wet hair?

Many people prefer a ‘wash and wear’ style, allowing their hair to dry naturally, and while this can work well in the warmer months, leaving the house in winter with wet hair on a regular basis can be detrimental to your overall health as well as to your hair. The cool winter air and harsh winds can be very tough on hair and lead to excessive dryness and breakage.

Check the temperature of your water when washing hair

Colour’s worst enemy is water. Hair colour strips hair of its outer lipid layer, making hair more porous, so it absorbs and releases water easily. Every time your coloured hairs gets wet, the water takes some colour molecules with it, and so colour fades.

Stick to lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair. Heat makes hair colour leach faster so the hotter the water is, the quicker the colour loss.

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