How To Care For Your Leather

May 15, 2013

As we head into winter and buy a new pair of boots or treat ourselves to a new handbag, looking after your leather has never been more important. Here are our favourite tips from Mister Minit on how to care for all your leather clothes and accessories.

1. Never clean leather with soap, shampoo or detergents as they can cause the leather surface to breakdown, and can sometimes strip the colour.

2. Use absorbent paper or cloth to remove liquid spills. For grease or oil spills, use talcum powder or corn-starch. Never use water on grease or oil spills.

3. Leather is like skin and requires moisture to stop from drying out. To prevent dryness and cracking, treat every 3-6 months with Mister Minit Leather Conditioner.

4. Using a microfiber glove to clean and polish, which will help get into the leather’s grain and blemishes.

5. Avoid direct sunlight and test all new products in an inconspicuous area.

6. Never use oils as these can darken the leather. Never use silicon products on large leather pieces such as lounges and cars as this may attract dust and cause leather to become slippery.

7. To repair scuffs and scratches apply a small amount of renovating polish to a clean cloth and using a light buffing motion, rub the polish into the damaged area. Allow the polish to set. Then buff and polish with a clean cloth. Repeat the process if scratch marks remain. Seal with a water and stain protector.

What’s your favourite leather accessory?

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