How To Cheat Your Way To Gigi Hadid’s Luscious Locks

November 6, 2015

‘Cause girl got serious hair style.

If you’re a regular human, chances are you don’t step out of bed in the morning and unleash a glorious mane of perfectly coiffed locks behind you. If you’re like me, you spend more time with your ghd than you do with your actual boyfriend and the thought of heading out on a rainy day is enough to send shivers down your spine.

But while I can’t gift you a model-worthy mop, I can spill the inside tricks our ultimate girl hero and all-round sex bomb Gigi Hadid uses to get her locks looking positively luscious, thanks to hair stylist and creative director of Royals Hair & Beauty, Mary Alamine.

How to blow-dry your way to Gigi Hadid hair

2100W VS Sassoon Diamond Brilliance dryer
2100W VS Sassoon Diamond Brilliance dryer

Step 1

Shampoo your hair with a volume shampoo and conditioner before towel-drying and applying a volume spray to the roots and a smoothing cream to the mid-lengths through to the ends.

Step 2

Section the hair from ear to ear then take an inch section at the nape and using a medium size round brush (the section of hair should not be wider than your brush) and a good quality hair dryer (We recommend VS Sassoon’s new 2100W Diamond Brilliance dryer) to blow-dry the hair smooth on a low heat setting for fine hair and a higher setting for medium to coarse hair.

The Diamond Brilliance is fab for this because it’s a professional standard dryer with high ionic conditioning technology that eliminates static (bye-bye, frizz) and allows you to style faster with less heat damage whilst trapping moisture.

Step 3

Work up to the top of the head taking inch sections each time and elevating the hair at the roots. Once you have reached the top of the ear take another section also inch thick from the hairline all the way to the other side. Direct the hair at the front back away from the face so it sits in the direction you want it to go.

Step 4

Now take a rectangle section starting from the highest point of the brow to the other highest point of the brow and back to the crown area. Using your round brush and your dryer and taking a section an inch thick, blow-dry the hair, lifting it up and directing the dryer at the roots then slowly going down and smoothing the mid-lengths through to the ends. Keep taking inch thick sections and blow-drying the hair directionally back in the way you want it to sit, remembering to elevate the roots for maximum volume.

Step 5

Once you’ve finished blow-drying, section the top of the hair and taking half inch sections, lightly back comb the roots to create more lift. Do this all the way around but leave the very front section around the hairline out. Brush the hair lightly with a natural smoothing brush so it sits in place and apply a smoothing serum to the mid lengths to ends for a soft and silky finish. Finish with a strong hold spray to keep it in place.

And voila, killin’ it!

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