How To Choose The Perfect Bra

August 22, 2011

How To Choose The Perfect Bra

Choosing the right bra is essential for every woman, but most of us don’t even know what size we are! Professional bra fitter Margaret McLachlan shares her tips on selecting the perfect bra for every situation.

How to know your real size

There is no real size – every brand and every style in a brand fit differently – you need to check your fitting with each bra you purchase – you can have a “basic “ size – say 12D to begin your choices then you need to check where the underwire sits in relation to your breasts, how firm the back and straps are, and make size adjustments up or down accordingly.

How to choose a strapless bra – that don’t hurt after 1 hour of wear!

The better quality strapless bras usually support well for up to 8hrs – they need to be firm around the back so they don’t slip down, and a big enough cup size to support your bust well (rather than having your bust pushing the bra downwards). Corsets are great if you have a heavy bust because they give more support (and make you look great)

How to select the right maternity bra

Get fitted! Again – the bra needs to be supporting the breast, not just decorating it. You need to have a bra fitting at 3 months pregnant to adjust your fitting, then reviewed during the pregnancy whenever necessary. We do Maternity fittings at 36 weeks pregnancy to ensure the bra will still fit once the milk comes in. Choose from the options you are given the most comfortable bra that feels supportive – you need 2-3 bras for all day wear, a soft crop-top for sleeping and night feeding, and then a pretty one to wear out!

How to choose the best sports bra

Sports bras have different grades for different levels of sports, so for yoga and pilates a soft cup Medium support bra is fine. If you want to run or do extensive aerobics you need a maximum support bra. The bra should encase your breasts, and still separate them, not squash them. Check that the seams and underwire (if it is underwired) are not pressing on your bust tissue. Jump up and down in the fitting room to check the level of support before you buy.

Helpful Hint:

Find a store that stocks your size range – get to know the staff, and if they know their job they’ll be able to tell you what new stocks and styles will suit you every time you go in.

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