How to Find a Good Hairdresser?

January 21, 2002

Choosing a hairdresser

SheSaid shows you how to find the dream hairdresser. Follow our leads and your hair will never look better.

      – If you have a friend who has great hair that is similar to yours find out who their hairdresser is. Even if you pass someone on the street and like the look of their cut – don’t be afraid to ask them who cuts their hair. Could save you a hair disaster.

– Choose salons with an excellent reputation and make sure you discuss with the receptionist what stylists do what. Who is better at cutting curly hair? Or who is better at short styles?

– Check the price before you commit. Pricing is usually in keeping with years of experience. Even ask for a no obligation consultation before you commit.

– If you are a little unsure about the hairdresser just book in for a blow dry with a stylist and use this opportunity to see if you relate to them or not. If you don’t like the salon remember you don’t have to ever go back.

– Take a picture of the look you want exactly so that you are clear and definite about the look you are after. Giving a new hairdresser complete control can sometimes get out of hand and you’ll walk out unhappy.

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