How To Choose The Right Shapewear

October 31, 2011

Chances are you’ll be shopping for and wearing shapewear now that it’s party season, but how do you choose the right piece? Nancy Ganz designer Janine Angarra shares 10 tips on choosing and wearing shapewear so you can look your best.

1. Get fitted

If you are not sure about your body shape or familiar with what shapewear options are available then get professional advice. It is important to wear the right products for your shape, to get the best result.

2. Wear the correct size

Some shapewear can feel constrictive at times, so find a product that focuses on the area you actually need to shape. It should be snug but you should also be able to breathe – make sure you are comfortable when trying all of these options on. If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t act comfortable and it will definitely show!

3. Colour

You only need one of two colours in shapewear: black or a skin tone. Black is perfect under black or dark colours, however a skin tone is perfect under white or light colours. Avoid white under white as it is noticeable, flesh tones are a perfect option as it blends with most skin tones and is not visible.

4. Try it on

There are many styles of shapewear! Try different styles as this is not a one size fits all situation! Allow yourself some time, never try on Shapewear when you are flustered or in a hurry – it can be like an aerobic workout so allow yourself some time! It should be snug but you should also be able to breathe.

5. Step into your shapewear

The trick to getting into our shapewear is to think of it as a pair of pantyhose, fold or roll down the item and step into it. Then pull it over your hips and unroll. This is much easier than dragging it up. Yes – even camisoles!

6. Invest in a quality brand

Consider shapewear as an investment for you and your wardrobe. Purchase good quality product, which will perform and last. There are many cheap options that do not deliver on the promise. In a time when it’s possible to spend a fortune on “body-sculpting” plastic surgery, shapewear offers an affordable, safe way to smooth and shape curves with less risk and less expense.

7. Hand wash your shapewear

Increase the life span on your shapewear by caring for it properly so it has longer wear and maintains its stretch! It is an investment in your wardrobe so look after it.

8. Pantyhose under or over your shapewear?

The trick is put you panty hose under your shapewear – this avoids them slipping against the shiny surface of the shapewear and sliding down. Avoid unnecessary trips to the ladies room hitching up you hosiery. Underneath also assists in smoothing out the line that can sometime appear if the hosiery is on top of your shapewear.

9. Can you look sexy in shapewear?

A question I get asked a lot. For me being sexy is all about self-confidence. If you look and feel your best, and Shapewear helps provide you that extra confidence, then the rest is up to you. Why not add stay-up stockings and a sexy bra to our black high waist lace shapewear brief for a sexy retro look?

10. Bodysuits are key

The bodysuit is back on the runways and ready to make its way back into your wardrobe! Try a body suit for all over control that avoids any unwanted bulges. Great for under pants or tight-fitting skirts.

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