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How To Create The Best Online Dating Profile

How To Create The Best Online Dating Profile

Whether you’re creating your first online dating profile or want to improve your chances at online dating, these tips from spokesman Howard James will help you stay safe and have fun online.

1. Choose your mug shot carefully

First impressions are crucial. The internet may have changed a lot in the fickle world of casual dating, but this age old wisdom continues to hold true. A picture says a thousand words, so carefully consider what yours says about you.

2. Avoid aggressive online behaviour

The web can be unforgiving and is often out of your control. Hasty status updates and embarrassing photos might seem like an appropriate or hilarious idea at the time, but once something has been sent into the webosphere it can be very difficult to take back.

Tip: If you think there’s a chance you might regret posting something later, don’t post it.

3. Never over-share

This might seem a little ironic as the person doing the stalking should surely be highly appreciative of the failing itself. But should you detail the exhausting extent of your passionate political views for all to see? Or check in every time you change suburb? Definitely not. The broader suggestion is striking an idyllic balance between sharing enough to garner interest while maintaining some level of mystery.

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