How To Create Your Very Own She Space

September 28, 2012

Author Tracey Jewel shares 6 great ideas on creating your very own space that you can come home to, what she calls a “she space” which is just for you to relax, get creative and reconnect with yourself.

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Space 1: Creative Corner

She Space style: A place for “working at home” tasks, writing, melting pot ideas, or
just to think.

How to: This can be a place of healthy clutter to inspire a productive
workflow. Pictures, postcards and other items make colourful displays. Baskets and
jars holding shells, stones, beads or anything else to get your creative juice flowing.

Space 2: Fabulous Food Finds

She Space style: A kitchen designed for the enthused chef, weekend cupcake
baker, and the domestic goddess that loves testing out the latest cookbooks.

How to: Stop thinking of the kitchen as just a boring white space for preparing family
meals. Add art on the walls, paint the cupboard doors and make every day items like
glassware and kitchen tools inventive displays. Make the main ingredient to this space
your personality which will also add flair to your cooking! Also ensure there are
chairs for others to sit, not just the “chef” so everyone is invited and comfortable in
this space.

Space 3: Silence Sanctuary

She Space style: A noise free space away from disruptions like the kids, TV, and
the outside world.

How to: Banish any items that you find distracting, not just sound items but visual
distractions too. Surround yourself with things you love, such as favourite books,
magazine stacks, fresh flowers and calm accessories. If it’s a large enough space
you can even practise meditation or yoga. Make spending time in this space a daily
ritual of calm.

Space 4: Pampering Place

She Space style: A spa-like setting for those little luxuries we can’t go without.

How to: Sharing a bathroom can be like peak hour, and it’s no fun trying to paint
your nails leaning on the toilet, so why not set up another area somewhere else in
the home. Create a day spa vibe with a clean colour palette and beautiful feminine
accessories such as fragranced soaps, jars filled with bath salts, candles and fluffy
towels all make a difference!

Space 5: Reading Refuge

She Space style: A cosy chair with good lighting to relax and read.

How to: Arrange your reading spot that allows natural light in for the day as well as
being well-lit for the evening (such as a table or floor lamp). Snuggle it up with comfy
cushions and a textured throw. A funky side table for your cuppa and extra reading
materials completes the space. A “mummy’s reading don’t disturb” sign is highly

Space 6: Nature Nook

She Space style: A designated garden station for all those little jobs you’ve been
putting off and a seat setting to just appreciate nature. How to: Wooden benches are
great for potting, planning and pondering. Dress it up with cushions that can be
removed for dirtier work. Brick ledges are also perfect seats and backyard work spots.

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Win a holiday to Bali