How to cure a hangover

April 27, 2010

How to cure a hangover

What is a hangover?

Firstly it is a combination of a couple of things. Dehydration: That’s why you feel like your body is void of all water. Nervous shock: This is really scary, you’re coming off the effects of a mild overdose of a depressant drug so you’re nerves are definitely in bad shape. Malnutrition: Your body has flushed away all your supplies of vitamins/minerals and chemicals.

Okay so we’ve all suffered from a bad hangover but there’s always going to be a cool party to go to. If you prepare yourself before you indulge you will have a much nicer time the day after.

Before the Party:

Take some Vitamin C a couple of days leading up to the party. It will help your body clear the alcohol more quickly than it normally would. Make sure you have something in your stomach. It will slow the absorption of the alcohol. A healthy omelette or a full meal will definitely help.

At the Party:

Choose your drink wisely. Try to drink clear alcohol. Dark ones tend to contain toxins that are more likely to cause a hangover. Beer is somewhere in between. Pace yourself and try to have a lot of water during the night. Don’t drink caffeine though because it can further dehydrate you.

When you Get Home:

Drink a big glass of water, well if you made it to the kitchen. Again don’t go for the coffee, go for a juice or milk. Don’t take Panadol or aspirin, take them in the morning. Give the alcohol enough time to leave your system.

The Morning After:

Eat plenty of food as this will really help. Exercise, as sweating it out the next day can help but don’t do anything over strenuous, a nice walk outdoors will do nicely. However if you were me, maybe just stay in bed.

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