How to Customise Your Clothes

March 1, 2001

Fashion magazines are always telling us to hit the shops and update our wardrobes so we look ‘to-the-minute’. But the awful thing is that even though we love shopping we may not have the cash to burn every season to buy the new looks. This is when your creative mind can go to play. Altering your clothes can be as simple or as complicated as you like and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.Now before you get arty, make sure you read up on the latest fashion trends and note any key details which you particularly like you will notice, corsages, ruffles, patches, rosette ribbons, buttons, rivets and safety pins are all the go. Once you’ve found some details now hunt through your wardrobe and select some garments that you’d like to re-invent. You must only attack clothes that you can live without just in case something goes horribly wrong.

For a bit of punk style, slash some slits into a T-shirt and then fix them up using some chunky safety pins or if you’re confident enough, create some rivets and tie up the slits with some leather laces. Alternatively change an old denim jacket with some graffiti or random streaks of bleach which you can buy at any good chemist.

If you would like something more feminine, create fabric corsages out of a silk stripe or lace. Just loosely roll the strip of fabric until it resembles a rose. Once you’re happy with the form, either secure it with a ribbon or stitch it directly onto a top. For those who want something more daring but still pretty, you could sew buttons or ribbons all over your t-shirt.

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