How To De-Friend The Nice Way

November 23, 2011

It’s National De-Friend Week so now’s the time to spring clean your relationships, clear out stress from your social life and make time for your offline friends. We show you how to de-friend the nice way.

1. Think about who your real friends are. De-friend because the person or page is not relevant to you any more.

2. Consider how you’d feel if the person de-friended you. If it’s worth staying in touch (but not where you’re currently connected) let them know via email.

3. Provide a link to the social networking channel where you would like to remain in touch with someone you’ve de-friended so you can continue your relationship.

4. If your de-friended friend contacts you and you don’t wish to remain in contact with them, simply state that while you valued their friendship in the past, that was then and this is now. As with most things in life, there are changes and you’re looking towards the future. It sounds harsh – but honesty is really the best policy.

5. Don’t de-friend someone out of spite or because you had an argument.

6. Remember when de-friending that behind the profile is a real person with feelings, just like you!

Would you de-friend someone you know?

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