How To Detox This Winter

July 5, 2011

How To Detox This Winter

As the cold season sets in we often to neglect our health, indulge in comfort food and are less active as we struggle against chilly temperatures.

?It’s easier to stay indoors, snuggle up on the couch and eat take-away than to brave the cold to take a walk or cook up a healthy meal. However often this leaves us feeling sluggish, less energetic and helps those few extra kilos to sneak on over the winter period.

?A detox during the colder months can improve both your health and wellbeing. It is also the best way to rid yourself of the winter blues!

What happens to my health in winter?

During the colder months both your health and mood can decline. Many people experience low energy levels, increase in weight, weak immune system and the dreaded cold and flu. It is also possible to develop a mild depression known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which follows the seasons and is the body’s reaction to lack of sunlight. It is not uncommon for people to be affected by more than one of these symptoms of failing health at this time of the year.

How will a detox help?

As the cold and flu season is upon us, it is important to keep the body cleansed and to boost your immune system. A detox will leave you feeling energised during the colder, shorter days of winter.

It is a great way to make yourself feel better physically and mentally, as well as enhance your immune system. Detoxing will eliminate toxins which have accumulated over time, generate healthy cells, cleanse the digestive tract, improve your mood, increase your energy levels and improve your physical fitness.

How can I do a detox at home?

There are many different detox regimes out there. The best way to detox at home is to just follow a few simple detox rules to cleanse your body naturally.

* Eat healthy. Detoxing doesn’t have to involve restricting your diet to hot water and lemon three times a day; you can do your system wonders by cutting out foods containing additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Focus on protein-rich foods such as fish, chicken, eggs and dark leafy vegetables.

* Drink plenty of water. Water will keep your body hydrated and flush out toxins. It will also help improve your skin and make you feel less lethargic.

* Avoid stimulants. It is essential to avoid toxins during your detox. This includes alcohol, coffee, black leaf tea, cigarettes and chocolate.

* Move your body. Exercise daily can increase circulation and naturally eliminate toxins from your body.

* Sunlight. Ensuring you get Vitamin D during winter is a must. Vitamin D is important for bone density, energy and red blood cells.

* Have a bath. Add an element of relaxation into your detox program by having a detox bath with Epsom salts to draw out the unwanted toxins.

What about a juice or water fast?

At Hopewood, detoxification programs are undertaken in a supervised environment where progress is monitored daily. The most appropriate cleanse is selected by the naturopath based upon your unique conditions and a thorough assessment of your medical history. It may be recommended that you follow a healthy eating plan with meals designed specifically for your condition, or go on a juice or water fast.

Remember, if you are going to do this type of detox, consult your doctor for advice on how to proceed and to have regular health checkups.

Hopewood Health Retreat is nestled in the peaceful foothills of the Blue Mountains on the banks of the Nepean River, just one hour from Sydney. Hopewood Health Retreat is the perfect destination to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. Boasting over 50 years of experience in natural health, Hopewood’s approach to healthy living is simple – combine natural, fresh, vegetarian foods with plenty of water, regular gentle exercise, fresh air and relaxation to feel energetic, look your best and perform at your optimum level. Visit for more information.

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