How To Fight Colds And Stay Healthy This Winter

June 1, 2011

How To Fight Colds And Stay Healthy This Winter

Jason Shon Bennett from Lifestream


Jason Shon Bennett is the go-to expert for superfoods and healthy eating – he has hasn’t had a cold or virus in 17 years! Jason shares his favourite superfoods and how to beat colds and flu naturally.

1. What are the top 5 superfoods we should all include in our diet, and why are they good for us?

1. Spirulina which is the richest wholefood source of glycogen and complete protein (for energy), phycocyanin (super-protein-pigment), iron (for energy) and all-round carotenoids (the ‘colours’ in nature that become the most powerful antioxidants in the human body when eaten!).

2. Raw broccoli contains lignans which help prevent breast cancer, fibres that assist reducing the chances of bowel cancer, and sulphoraphane which is the active ingredient that boosts all cancer-killing activity.

3. Leafy green vegetables as they have chlorophyll, fibres, B vitamins, minerals, plant nutrition, living digestive enzymes and prebiotics.

4. Apples are great because they contain both soluble and insoluble fibres, antioxidants, good carbohydrate energy and the complete raw living vitamin C complex.

5. Barley / Wheat Grass Wheat Grass are especially rich in minerals which most of us are deficient in.

2. What foods can help us beat cold/flu this winter?

Raw fruit and vegetables, spouted quinoa, buckwheat, beans and legumes and fermented apple cider and vinegar are the only three food groups that will help. They feed the healthy microflora, boost your immune system.

They are also able to nourish the bowel and gut health with living digestive enzymes, prebiotics, fibres, nutrients and all those hard to find elements that processed and packaged foods do not contain.

3. If you feel a cold coming on what’s the best thing you should do or eat?

The best thing to do is fast on hot ginger drinks. Grate fresh ginger into water and then heat. You should also fast on green vegetable juice and water. We are all chronically deficient in greens that contain all the living goodies such as chlorophyll, carotenoids, polyphenols, so granny was right – eat more greens.

4. We often feel run down during the cold months. How can we get more energy?

Get out of bed with a routine and exercise – even if it is freezing. You should also try and get sun regularly, as without enough sun the pituitary gland tells us we are hibernating and orders us to eat fatty foods and sleep!

My best tip though, is to take Lifestream Spirulina tablets daily as I have been for over 25 years – it is simply the best energy food there is!

5. What’s your favourite healthy winter food?

My eldest boy and wife’s pumpkin or potato soup!

What’s your best winter survival tip?

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