How to Find Your Perfect Match

March 1, 2001

Being a compatible couple isn’t as hard as you think. It’s all about having common traits and desires. Here we give you some pointers on achieving constant happiness within your relationship:

Being at ease

Your partner makes you feel that you can say, do and be anything. If you are at his/her work function they make sure you are happy and well-looked after.

Sex life is great

There is no embarrassment when it comes to the bedroom. You can ask him/her about anything when it comes to your sex-life. You communicate and understand each other.

Values are even

There are no differing values on religion, money, sex, work or children. You both have the same beliefs, which make life so much easier.

Common Interests

You both love water sports or you both adore wandering through antique shops.

Boredom doesn’t exist

You understand that relationships go through good and bad patches. You work through them and realise that they are just a fleeting thing that will pass. As a happy couple you can communicate this to each other.

Money isn’t an issue

You don’t disagree on spending habits. Money is something that breaks a lot of couples up but you are able to talk about it and work on it.

No Secrets

This couple hide no secrets. Each one is aware of what the other has done or is doing. You don’t believe in not telling each other the truth.

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