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Personality Fit: How To Find the Right Workout for Your Personality Type

Personality Fit: How To Find the Right Workout for Your Personality Type

With so many workouts to choose from, you may already have found that some suit you more than others. If not, it’s possible you’ve simply not met your workout match! Read on for how to find the right workout for your personality type…

While online personality tests can be used to determine a range of things we might be suited to, from friendships to jobs, they can also provide an insight into which exercises we might like. Matching your workout to your personality can help you find joy in fitness. 

What personality type are you?

If you’ve never taken a personality test and are unsure which type you are, either jump online to find out or pick which one resonates most:

Type A- The Director – Goal orientated and Risk-taking

Type B – The Socializer – Enthusiastic and Relationship orientated

Type C – The Thinker – Detail orientated and Prepared

Type D – The Supporter – Task Orientated and Cautious

What workout is best for your personality? 

Different personality types are best matched to different exercises. 

What’s the best workout for Type A personalities?

Type A personalities are ambitious, organised and highly competitive (you know who you are!), so of course you like to exercise in much the same way. Whether striving to beat a personal best or competing in a team, you don’t need much help in finding the motivation to get fighting fit. Just set yourself a goal (ain’t nobody gets in the way of a Type A goal!) and start kicking! 

“Type A personalities are at risk of overdoing it, which can be just as hurtful for your body as not exercising at all. So listen to your body. As well as your favourite high-intensity workouts, try a yoga class or going for a long bushwalk, it’s still a great way to keep moving, while giving your body a chance to rest,” Sam says.  

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What’s the best workout for Type B personalities?

When you think of Type B personalities, forget everything you just read. For the relaxed, patient and easy-going (no, not lazy!) Type B-ers, exercising might be more of a spontaneous task. So, try some more relaxed goals around duration or frequency. Aim for 3-4 workouts a week or 120 minutes of activity whenever you feel the urge and MIX THINGS UP, PEOPLE! 

“It’s all about people, people, people – you love the workout as much as you do the chat afterwards,” says Sam.

“Grab a friend or join a fitness challenge like our Coaching Zone 6-Week Challenge; you might just need someone pestering you to kick your butt into gear! But also mix things up, why not a give a few of the gym classes a go and add them into your weekly exercise line-up?”

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What’s the best workout for Type C personalities?

Moving along to you, Type C personalities – think logical, practical and detail orientated! We want you around when making any big decisions in life! But when it comes to exercise, you might prefer to go it alone. You’ll crush any exercise plan, as long as it has lots of detail! 

“Book a session with a PT and get them to write you a program to follow each week… and even better, get them to explain how each of the exercises will help you transform your body into the fitness temple you want it to be. You’ll thrive on the detail and practicality of it all!

“Trainers working on the gym floor have so much knowledge in health and fitness and a really comprehensive training program can help change your habits in just a few weeks and improve your mentality around keeping fit,” Sam says. 

What’s the best workout for Type D personalities?

Didn’t fit into any of the above, well maybe you fall neatly into Type D? You love a good task, but forget it if there is any sort of risk involved. You’ll jump at the chance to track your workouts through calories, time, distance and while the thought of a group activity might freak you out, it could be the best way to keep you running towards your fitness goals! 

“Jump on a cardio machine and keep an eye on the dashboard… you’ll love making sure that heart rate monitor stays the same throughout your entire workout. Or what about a distance run, keeping the Ks same for a few weeks, until you feel like you can move up! While you might be a little quiet, a group activity like Coaching Zone with a MYZONE activity belt will also help to boost your motivation… and why wouldn’t it, it’s like training with your very own hype crew!” 

Whatever your personality, there’s a way to make it work to your advantage when it comes to your health and fitness!

Sam Merza is the National Fitness Manager for Genesis Health + Fitness. For more tips or to find your closest gym location visit 

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