How To Finger A Girl Right (Because You’re Doing It Wrong)

March 26, 2019

How to finger a girl 101: Our clitoris is not like the rapid fire button on your PS4 controller. 

Sex ed fails us in many ways.

We learn almost nothing about pleasure, the role of the clitoris or masturbation. As far as our school curriculums are concerned, sex is for procreation only.

It’s unsurprising then, that studies show significant numbers of women are having incredibly unsatisfying – and often painful – sexual encounters.

It’s not entirely men’s fault. After all, your main point of reference as a dude is porn, and that’s about as reliably realistic as a Sandra Bullock movie. Needless to say, most men tend to fall desperately short when it comes to foreplay – often rushing it, or leaving it out altogether.

Go slow to get our juices flowing.

Here’s the thing though, guys: Despite what the women in porn would have you believe, us gals need lots of foreplay. One of the best ways to warm a woman up for sex, second only to kissing and telling her what a goddess she is, is fingering. Done right, a pussy fingering can do wonders for getting us ready to hit O-Town by the time you finally insert your love wand into us.

Unfortunately, most of you are doing it wrong. Oh-so wrong.

How to finger a girl so she actually enjoys it

Guys, the clitoris is not like the rapid fire button on your PS4 remote. It does not respond well to aggressive flicking and rubbing. It doesn’t like being rushed, or pressured. It prefers long, slow gentle fingertip strokes.

And while we’re at it, it prefers to be wet. Like, really wet. Rubbing a dry clitoris in the hopes of getting your lady friend fired up for the night is about as effective as refreshing the checkout screen in your ASOS cart, hoping the terrifyingly high price will change.

Add some saliva or lube there. But don’t make it the flavored kind, unless you want us to get a yeast infection (more on that here). And go back and forth and in circles. That’s how we like it best. Don’t rush to get to our vagina. Stick to the clit for a good few minutes to get us positively desperate to feel you inside us.

We’re like ovens. Turn up the heat to full and you’ll end up with a burnt-but-still-frozen pie. Turn it up slowly and you’ll pull a tantalizing treat with a soft, warm center ready for devouring out a half hour later.

Here’s how to finger a girl right, in five easy steps:

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