How to get A-list eyebrows!

October 8, 2009

Brow Bar is launching in Sydney and Melbourne (it is already in Brisbane) and to celebrate we tweezed out their best shaping tips!

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They say the right shaped brow can give you an instant face-lift and you don’t get a better shape than at The Brow Bar®. Opening their much anticipated glamorous doors to Sydney and Melbourne this month, The Brow Bar®, is totally dedicated to perfecting the arch, colour and consistency of the brow.

Services include “Brow Lift-Shaping”, eyelash extensions and professional air-brush makeup which is fast becoming a beauty “must have”! There is also a “Brow-Rehab™ for those you have over-plucked and need a bit of maintenance and therapy!

Founder Chernae Silk has trained with beauty professionals all over the globe including London and Paris and even studied face reading and face-lift massage in Europe!

“Having a badly waxed or wrongly shaped eyebrow can completely change the look of your face. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your brows must be the very stylish drapes that frame your face”, says Chernae.

So what are her tips for tip brows?

“Full brows are now favoured due to their full flirty playful appeal!
They soften the face giving focus to the eyes.”

– “Even the fullest brows need to be maintained well. Beautifully
manicured full brows can create an enhanced youthful look and increased
sex appeal. Seriously!”

– “Brows that were plucked to oblivion are now able to be saved with a
Brow Growth Tonic. Brow shapes that were previously pencil thin can
join our “Brow Rehab Programme” There is hope for the waif brow to be
now boasting a fitter, fuller figure!”

– “The Brow Bar teaches in their Brow Rehab Programme how to care for
overly tweezed brows. Their Brow-Lift Shaping experience shows women
how to achieve the best brow for their individual face shape including
how to encourage new hair growth”.

“Brow powders are a girls best friend coupled with a brow gel or
grooming product. Fill your brows in with powder with light feathering
strokes using a makeup angel brush. Seal your perfect brow shape with a
brow grooming product or if it is a brow emergency a soft hold hair
spray on a new baby toothbrush is a fantastic quick fix!”

Keen to try it out? Visit for more details.

For more product reviews click here!

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