How To Get A Miami Tan With GlowByBeca

July 21, 2015
How To Get A Miami Tan With GlowByBeca

While it’s cold as ice here in the Southern Hemisphere, over in Miami they’re currently in the midst of Miami Swim Week – where models are tanned, the cocktails are fruity and the sun shines brightly.

One lucky Australian, Rebecca Colalillo, has jumped to Miami to take part in the Nookie Swim Presentation, with her natural tan company, GlowByBeca, the official tan sponsor of the show.

Nookie Girls walked down the runway with bronzed and hydrated limbs, complimenting their bright and patterned Nookie Bikinis. Easy to apply, the models applied GlowByBeca tan with a tanning mitt the day before the show, which developed into a deep bronze colour by showtime.

SHESAID sat down for an exclusive chat with Rebecca on how to stay tanned during winter, and how to get that classic, Miami Swim glow.

What’s the best way our readers can stay tanned during winter? 

In winter our skin dries up due to the constant wind blasts and changes in air conditioning. This can make tanning during winter hard, as you’ll have dry patches of skin. The very first thing to do when tanning at home is to exfoliate with a natural scrub in the shower, focusing on elbows, knees, ankles, feet and the backs of your hands. When you step out of the shower, pat yourself dry and don’t apply any lotions.

Your skin needs to be completely free of any other formulas in order to pick up the tan. Now, simply grab a tanning mitt, apply the GlowByBeca Chocolate Tanning Mousse onto the mitt and – making small circles – cover your skin, working fast but evenly. Then, wait to dry!

How To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBecHow To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBec
But standing butt-naked waiting for your tan to dry in winter can be tough to do… 

That’s the beauty of GlowByBeca, it’s quick drying and you can get changed instantly into loose clothing without the greasy feel after you’ve applied the Chocolate Tanning Mousse formula. My hot tip, though, is to switch your hairdryer onto yourself and dry your skin that way! It’s warm and effective.

OK, how can we make the tan last? 

I like to apply a moisturiser every day to ensure skin stays hydrated throughout winter, meaning your tan will stay even. Our GlowByBeca Tan Extender is a light lotion, so it doesn’t feel too heavy under winter layers.

Plus it contains Aloe Vera, Pomegranate Extract, Shea Butter and Cranberry Extract to extend the life of your tan and keep you hydrated without the grease.

How To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBeca

What about shaving? When should we shave our legs if we’re about to tan? 

Shaving your legs the day before you tan allows time for your cuticles to close and you’ll avoid those dark tiny spots. You can run your razor over your legs again the day after you’ve tanned, just be sure to use a shaving lotion that doesn’t contain oil so that you keep the colour of your tan.

How To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBecaHow To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBeca

How did the Nookie Girls get the glowing bronze tans they had at Miami Swim Week? 

The girls exfoliated the day before the show, and applied the GlowByBeca Chocolate Tanning Mousse in circular motions, concentrating on the outside of their limbs to make them look extra long. We then applied GlowByBeca Tan Extender on their whole body the day of the show, for a slight shine and healthy, hydrated glow. The tan will last them well into the week!

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