How To Get Legs Like Jennifer Aniston

March 22, 2011

How To Get Legs Like Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s has some of the most stunning pins in Hollywood – luckily her yoga trainer Mandy Ingber has shared 3 quick exercises to get your legs in shape like Jen!

1. Strengthen your thighs with the temple pose – a yoga squat. Standing up, place your feet far apart with toes pointing out, and with a straight back lower yourself into a squat. Hold for 30 seconds, then do 8 mini squat thrusts.

2. Tone your legs with 30-60 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. Mandy suggests running, cycling or walking.

3. Tone your calves by lifting yourself on your tippy toes 8 times, followed by 8 more quickie pulses. You can do this while watching TV, waiting for the train…

Make sure you exfoliate your legs at least once a week with a loofah (we love Ikou’s award-winning Japanese body brush, $24.95) or a body scrub, like a’kin’s divine smelling Sandalwood and Sweet Orange Invigorating Body Scrub, $22.95, $22.95, which improves blood circulation and gets rid of dead skin cells and toxins so your legs are as healthy and glowing as Jen’s.

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