How To Get Over An All-Nighter

November 2, 2011

Did yesterday’s Melbourne Cup celebrations end up going all night? If you’re a little worse for wear today, here are some quick tips to help you recover (bye bye, hangover!)

Drink plenty of water

There’s a good chance you’re hydrated after going hard last night, so now is the time to up your water intake. Keep a big bottle of water by your side today and take small sips regularly.

Coffee break

Can’t seem to focus on anything today, right? A coffee or tea will help concentration, but make sure you’re not drinking caffeine six hours before you hit the sack, as it can interfere with another night’s sleep.

Foods to enjoy – and avoid

Today is the day to enjoy protein-rich foods which will give you loads of energy. Lunch could be an egg, cheese and salad sandwich on wholewheat bread, and consider a lean meat, like steak or chicken, with vegetables for dinner. Avoid white bread, sweets, biscuits and pastries – these simple carbs will cause spikes in your blood sugar levels (and mood).

Fresh air is your friend

You might just feel like hiding, but take a walk at lunchtime and fill your lungs with fresh air. A brisk walk is even better, improving blood circulation and giving you a natural energy boost.

How do you like to get over an all-nighter?

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