How to get perfect brows

March 15, 2005

How to get perfect brows

Sharon-Lee Hamilton, Australia’s Eyebrow Queen has been ‘doing’ brows since she was 13. She used to pin down her friends to give them brow makeovers. Sharon-Lee has tended to the brow of a long line of A-list clientele including Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Kelly Osbourne and Mary Donaldson.

She has built her business from a small room in the front of a terrace in Paddington to the lavishly decorated salon in Double Bay today. With plans to open another Brows salon in Melbourne later this year and launching a new range of luxuriously decadent cosmetics soon Sharon-Lee is definitely making the world of brows her own.

Sharon-Lee Hamilton
How can you get those perfect brows? We asked Sharon-Lee for her top brow grooming tips.

Is an eyebrow brush/comb needed?
Brow brushes are important. If you don’t have a brow brush/comb a baby toothbrush can be just as useful. Brows should be brushed in the same direction as they grow……not against it.

How do you use eyebrow pencil and when is it needed?
Pencil tends to look like pencil. Powder doesn’t have great staying power. Gels are useful as they look natural and stay put while being water resistant. Generally any filler is used for definition or adding depth of colour as well as filling any gaps within the line.

What do you do when you’ve previously plucked your eyebrows into a terrible shape and you think they won’t look attractive again?!
Book a professional and leave them alone! You probably need only around 3 weeks of no tweezing to enable your therapist to recover the shape.

Eva Mendez’s perfect brows
Can anyone’s eyebrows look amazing or do some people have a certain hair growth direction that will always cause problems?
Everyone can make the most of the brows that they have. One must consider how much hair is within the brow itself as a sparse brow is more limited than a full one.

Which celebrity has the ultimate brows?
Kylie Minoque. Jennifer Lopez. Eva Mendez. Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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