How to Get Sexy Curls

March 13, 2002

Our Ms Minogue is definitely the girl of the moment-want to get her hair?-Well here’s how.

Hairdresser and stylist Joe says to achieve Kylie’s locks you need to have clean, straight hair. Spray on styling lotion so that your curling iron will be able to grip on. You have to start at the back of your head and take one and a half inch sections missing out the first two to three inches of the roots. Wrap the rest of the hair in a spiral motion around the hot rod of the tongs. You then just work your way around your head. Never brush the curls through once you have done it. Rub hair shine (Aveda Hair Shine) through the ends of the curls only so they will stay. Voila you should now look like Kylie!

What you need:

Curling Iron (Breville Curling Iron)

Aveda Hair Shine

KMS Special Treatment for your styling lotion

Party Face

Don’t want to look like the dog’s dinner the next time you head out to a party? Then follow party face tips: We’ve all been there before. Oil slick forehead and cheeks, mascara that has run so far down your face you look like you’ve been punched and lipstick that is all over your teeth. Here’s how to look fabulous all night long:

  • Always wear the right moisturiser for your skin type. If you have oily skin and you add oily moisturiser you are only going to help your make-up slide off your face.
  • Your foundation should be applied a little heavier in areas that need cover such as under your eyes, nose etc. Never put too much foundation on your cheeks or forehead – you don’t need it.
  • Use a powder puff or cotton wool to apply translucent powder and press the powder into your face. It will set a lot better this way.
  • When applying your eyeshadow always use a base. M.A.C has eyelid foundation which is fabulous because it will keep your eyeshadow from creasing. Set it with powder before you start to apply eyeshadow.
  • To keep mascara from running down your face always apply several coats but do thin coats only. If you have big eyes always apply your mascara downwards and vice versa for smaller eyes.
  • You want your blusher to stick then always apply cream blusher over foundation but under your powder and then apply a powder blush over the entire lot. The secret to a perfect party face is a little a lot of times.
  • Lipstick never stays on but the best tip is to apply a lip pencil to your entire mouth as a stain before your lipstick. Once you’ve applied your lipstick, blot it with a tissue and don’t forget to check you don’t have lippy all over your teeth.

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