How to get that pay rise

July 8, 2003

Follow these steps when making a pay rise pitch.Only negotiate from power

Career coach Max Eggert of Transcareer says that if you have no power,

forget a pay rise. He says ensure that your current project and/or workload is critical to the success of your team, unit or company.

Get a good idea of your market worth

Check this out by browsing through CareerOne – particularly the Hays Salary

Survey and all our salary stories on the main page of Dollars & Sense.

Check in with your personal and professional network, professional society and your favorite recruitment agency. No one is going to pay you more than the top end of your market value.

Internal home work

Max says that if you work for a large corporate, check out two things. First your salary band, because you want to know what your maximum is, and second, see if you can discover what precedents there are for individual pay increases outside company reviews.

List your duties outside your original job description All jobs change because organisations are not static. Work out, and record, all the extra things that you now do that are additions to your assigned job. Once you have done this, rank them in order of what your boss views as important.

If your company has experienced a downsizing chances are everyone in the firm is now doing more than they used to.

Now we get down to the packaging of your case, because no one is going to give you a rise just because you want one.

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