How to get the perfect summer wax!

November 18, 2009

Goodbye in-growns, farewell fuzz. Sue Ismiel, founder of Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel, has the ten commandments every girl should follow for legs smoother than Seal’s head!

1. Do use a moisturiser to calm the skin immediately after hair removal – and say goodbye to ingrown and dry skin!

2. Always use a body scrub to remove dead skin cells prior to hair removal

3. Do minimize ingrown hairs, bumps, shaving rash and irritations by using a solution such as the Nad’s Ingrow Solution, it will make a difference.

4. Persistent ingrown hairs can be helped with laser hair removal treatment as it kills the hair follicle. Nad’s Laser Clinic is a great option!

5. When using depilatory creams, apply a warm compress to the skin prior to using the cream. This will open up the pores of the skin and allow for a more effective hair removal result – leaving you silkier and smoother!

6. Do not apply toner, astringent or ice to the skin just prior to or during hair removal. These products tighten the pores and make the hair removal process more difficult and painful!

7. Do avoid waxing prior to and during menstruation as your body is more sensitive to pain during this time so you will feel the ouch factor

8. Do experiment with different types of hair removal methods, and don’t feel scared to something new – such as going bare!

9. Do not wax before a hot date as having a red rash is not an attractive look!

10. Always read the instructions – applying the wax for too long, or pulling the hair in the wrong direction will only cause pain.

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