How To Get Your Brow Game Back

February 15, 2016

We got our brows done – and they’re fabulous!

Do you ever feeling like your eyebrows aren’t keeping up with the competition? Well stop frowning and stress less, girlfriend, because despite what you may think, it’s pretty simple to keep your brows in tip-top condition.

We too had been having a little trouble with our brows – they were too light, too thin and didn’t have enough coverage – so we decided to do something about it and get a makeover. Little did we know our brow game would never be the same.

Walking into the Benefit Brow Bar with my editor, we were overwhelmed at the amount of pink decor on display; I’m not going to lie, it made me pretty nervous. For a moment I envisaged walking out of the studio with pink tips and crazy floral lashes, but as soon as we were introduced to Benefit’s national brow artist, Hannah Terrett, we were put at ease by her bubbly persona and overwhelming amount of brow know-how.

After spending time focusing on our facial structure and investigating our previous brow routine, she offered up mountains of excellent brow-based info. Her first piece of advice to us? Find the right brow expert.

“Grooming your brows should never be taken into your own hands. Having the right brow expert is as important as having a good hairdresser. Once you find one you can trust, you can conquer your brow game together.”

Except we’d both been seeing waxers for years, so why was our brow game so weak? Apparently because our time spent grooming in front of the mirror at home was actually doing more harm than good.

“Grooming your brows should never be taken into your own hands. The most common mistake I notice is people tweezing between waxing appointments. This creates an uneven growth cycle, which means your brow hairs grow back at different stages, leaving you with more hair. ‘Brow mapping’ is actually the best way to determine the best shape for your face and achieve the best arch.”

Ouch! All that hard, painful work had been for nothing, since neither of us had ever considered shaping our brows to suit our facial structure. Thankfully, Terrett showed us exactly how to map our brows and up our brow game in just three easy steps…

1. Mapping our brows


To make brows work for individual face shapes, Terrett always follows simple rules before she even considers plucking or waxing.

She began by calculating where brows should start and end, and where they should lay. This was measured by taking a pencil and lining it up with our nostrils (not the outside of our noses) and marking the position. Next up, Terrett measured where our arch should lay by placing the pencil on an angle that started at our nostril and ran over the pupil.

Finally, Terrett marked out where our brows should end by lining up the pencil with our nostril and the far edge of our eyes. It was obvious to our brow master that our brows were much too short and our arches in the wrong position; elongating them would soften our faces and create an illusion of bigger, rounder eyes.

What we used: Instant Brow Eyebrow Pencil

2. Defining their shape


After our brows were mapped out and the shape clearly marked, Terrett started the sculpting process, waxing and tinting in accordance to the points created.

“Don’t rush the process. Start by removing only three hairs at a time,” she advises.

“It’s important to constantly reassess your shape by taking a step away from the mirror and continuing this refocusing technique until the desired shape is met. Be careful to not spend too much time in the one position, as focusing on the same area for long periods of time with minimal distance can shift the shape and leave you with an unfinished result.”

A semi-permanent tint to match our individual complexion was added to our brows to thicken and clarify their appearance. Since it only lasts about two to three weeks, a custom colour tint, like the Benefit Brow version we received, is the perfect addition to achieving your desired shape.

What we used: Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit

3. Working our brows

before and after

When our shaping was complete, Terrett showed us the “pixie dust” products that would help build shape and maintain volume. To help keep our brows looking fierce, we were prescribed a brow gel that will thicken our brows and help keep those wispy hairs of ours in place.

So, really, just one to two products will be what most people need to bring their eyebrows to life.

“I highly recommend Benefit Brow Zings for keeping a defined shape and color,” suggests Terrett, “and Benefit Gimme Brow for volume and texture.”

What we used: Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel

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