How To Have Gorgeous Summer Skin (Without A Cupboard Load Of Product)

October 23, 2012

Sun, heat, humidity and chlorine can wreak havoc on summer skin and hair. But Caroline Monet of Caroline’s Skincare shows us how to have gorgeous summer skin (and you don’t need a ton of products to achieve it!).

Easy Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the cornerstone of any skincare regime. It removes dead skin cells, which in turn will help the nutrients from the moisturiser to penetrate the skin. It is also great way to aid blood circulation and helps the lymph glands to eliminate toxins both internally and externally from the body, this helps promote healthy, glowing skin. It is also the perfect primer for ensuring the best results for your faux tan.

And the best part is, it’s not necessary to use abrasive scrubs. You simply need to use a flannel on the face and body. Make sure your skin is wet or damp and gently scrub in circular motions as this will help remove dead skin cells from thesurface as well as improve circulation. No need to use anything else, as the flannel will do the trick. To stimulate the lymphatic system, which of course helps to eliminate toxins from the body, use a dry flannel as an alternative to a damp or wet one.

“For the facial area, exfoliation once a week is generally enough as done too often can cause more problems i.e. over stimulation of the oil glands and the possible spreading of bacteria which can cause breakouts and clogged pores,” says Caroline. “Always pat dry and only use tepid water on wash face. When prone to skin problems on the face and scalp it is always best to keep the area as cool as possible. Using water that is too hot will make the problem worse.”

“You can exfoliate more frequently on the rest of the body. A simple and gentle approach is always best when caring for the skin.”

More Moisture

After you’ve exfoliated, while still damp, literally slather yourself from head to toe in moisturiser to lock moisture into your skin. You can apply moisturiser several times throughout the day for added hydration if your skin is in need of extra nourishment.

Once again there’s no need to have 10 different moisturisers. Caroline’s Cream is perfect for the entire body including your face. It absorbs like a dream and leaves you wonderfully smooth.

It also helps with any of those rashes, chlorine-induced dry skin, sunburn, wind burn and age spots.

Aloe Water: a miracle tonic for summer skin

Take two or three chunks of aloe vera leaves (preferably from the older outer leaves of the plant), cut off outer green leaf and wash the yellow sap from the aloe gel. It is very important to wash this yellow sap off thoroughly. Place aloe vera gel into 6 – 8 cups of water, steep in hot water for a few hours, put liquid into blender to mix any remaining chunks of gel then place liquid in fridge to cool.

Store the aloe water in the refrigerator. To use, saturate cotton pad or cotton balls and gently wipe over affected area. Pat skin dry. It can also be used as an everyday tonic for the face, neck and décolletage, as well as being highly effective for acne prone skin. Aloe water is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and removes excess oil and dead skin cells. A totally rejuvenating tonic for the skin.

What’s your favourite summer skincare tip?

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