How To Have The Hottest Hair This Spring

August 18, 2011

Kam Huckins and Francesco Petrone of Sydney’s trendy Gallo Hair tell us what the hot style and colour trends for spring will be, how to grow out a bob and fringe and their best tips for giving dry, winter hair a boost!

1. What’s the most popular women’s hairstyle women go for in the salon?

Kam: Long layered styles probably still reign as Australia’s most requested look. There’s good reason for it though. It maintains length whilst still giving the wearer body and movement and the varying layer lengths mean different a range of styles can be achieved.

2. What is the most common hair mistake you see people make?

Kam: Not having regular cuts and an unwillingness to cut off what is really necessary to ensure their hair looks and feels its best.

3. What are the hot hair colour trends for spring?

Francesco: As the weather warms up it’s time to do the same with your hair. Spring is the perfect time to add some much needed life to your hair by introducing strawberry blonde and soft copper tones to your hair colour. This trend can be incorporated into your colour and will add depth and richness to your hair whether it be with Hi-lights or an all over tint.

4. Which celebrity has the best hair at the moment?

Kam: Emma Stone (above) tops the hair style stakes at the moment. Returning to those fiery red locks that got her noticed initially, she has looked immaculate on so many red carpets of late. Whether worn out with her long red locks curled to perfection, or pulled up and pinned with only her sleek fringe free, the tone and amazing shine of her hair draws me in every time.

5. Why are your tips for styling in-between hair lengths, such as growing out a bob, or a fringe?

Kam: Growing out a particular style can prove troublesome at times but there are ways to manage those in-between stages. Braids are a popular way of controlling a fringe, while you wait patiently for it to grow out. Starting from a low side part, the shorter hair from your fringe can be incorporated into a hairline braid that begins at the part and follows the hairline round to the opposite ear.

Growing the lengths of your hair, from a bob or even a crop, can seem a slow process, but I think girls need to embrace texture. Utilising their tongs and irons, adding curl and wave to shorter styles and wearing the hair a tad more tousled and wild is the perfect antidote to bad hair days.

6. What’s the best way to improve dry, winter hair?

The winter weather can be harsh on our scalp and hair, but it’s also a great time to take a little extra care and prepare our hair for the warmer months when it can so often be neglected. Adhering to a regimen that works for your hair type and its needs is so important. I so often come across people who don’t use leave-in products to protect their hair from both heated styling and the environment. This is a key step and should become habit.

Also, as we move into spring, book a hair cut and ask your stylist for their honest opinion about what length needs to be taken off. It is better to remove what is necessary now and start afresh, than to hang on to damaged ends that are only going to become weaker and make styling your hair more difficult.

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