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Here’s How To Juggle Motherhood and a Career—Because Yes, It’s 100% Possible

Here’s How To Juggle Motherhood and a Career—Because Yes, It’s 100% Possible

There are plenty of people who will tell you that it’s impossible to balance a successful career and raising a family. So why do we give them oxygen and doubt our own abilities?  Sure there are major challenges along the way to finding the balance that works for you, but it is possible.  

The number one thing to remember is that you are in control of your own situation and never let anyone else’s opinion affect your decisions.  Take advice from those you trust, but tune out the noise of others who have an opinion that is neither relevant nor based on fact.

Having successfully raised a family whilst running a business provides a unique insight into the issues and challenges faced by women.  I have experienced both positive and negative situations over the years.  Times when I have been made to question my decisions by others and also times when I have been uplifted by the support of others.  It’s a double-edged sword.

There are some fundamental principles that will help you succeed and remain focused on finding the right balance for your family.  Like everything in life, it’s all about balance.  Sometimes it will feel like things are out of control but avoid making drastic changes during these times.  Take the time to let things calm down because the high’s and low’s will always keep flowing, you have to stay strong during the challenging times.

The top 5 keys to successfully juggling motherhood and career:

Focus on being fit and healthy. 

When we are healthy we have the capacity to achieve the best results.  Take time to exercise which supports both physical and mental health.  Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and balance our moods and reactions.  Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of others.

Focus on healthy nutrition and food preparation schedules. 

It is so easy to grab quick food choices when we are busy and under pressure.  When you reach for the chocolate mid-afternoon to give you a boost it will be short-lived and leave you feeling more hungry and stressed in no time.  Healthy nutrition is not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good.  

Design your weekly schedule. 

Include everything that needs prioritising, work tasks, kids activities, your exercise, family activities, food preparation – it’s all important. There will always be times when things go off the rails, but when you manage your time well and have backup plans ready to go, life will be a lot easier to manage.

Have a good support network. 

This can include family, friends, work colleagues or professional support networks.  There will be times when you need help!  The biggest challenge for most of us is being prepared to ask for it! 

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“Go all in”. 

Avoid the pitfalls of multitasking. When it’s time for work, remain focused. When it’s family time, forget the phone and emails. The biggest drain on your energy will come from feeling dragged in both directions.  Remember to be strict on yourself and avoid time-wasting activities. Instead, put time aside to truly relax and unwind.

So yes, it is possible to balance a successful career and raising a family.  Enjoy the highs and lows because they will come, they are unavoidable.  But enjoy those highs and be kind to yourself in the lows.  And most important be proud of yourself and your achievements.

By Jane Kilkenny – Health and Fitness Expert and Successful Business Owner. 

Jane is passionate about changing lives! She has a wealth of experience in supporting
people on their health and fitness journey. Coaching others to improve their performance,
she works with athletes and clients across the ages. She has been a pioneer in kids fitness, specialising in this field since 2003.

Jane is also a passionate runner and coach, having competed in events ranging from 5km to ultramarathons! Her favourite aspect of coaching is supporting athletes and watching. Find out more about Jane at 

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