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How To Keep Motivated With Exercise

How To Keep Motivated With Exercise

It can be quite hard to keep motivated with your fitness goals at times, but personal trainer and founder of Enliven Fitness Michael Wilson shares his tips on keeping you focused and even enjoying exercise.

1. No More Excuses

Ask yourself, how many times have you let excuses affect your health and fitness goals? How many times have you said…

“I’m just too busy, I’ll work out tomorrow”??.

“I don’t have the time to eat well and plan my meals better”.

??”I’ll just wait till after the holidays to work out and get in better shape”.

You can see where I’m headed with this. Those who truly value their health always make the time to eat well and exercise, regardless of how busy they are. Don’t ever let your health and fitness be at the bottom of the priority list. This is the starting point towards a happier and healthier you, and below are some tips on how to help maintain your motivation levels.

2. Push Yourself

After you have mastered the basic techniques of functional exercise, make sure you challenge yourself at each and every training session. This is the reason you are here right? Give 100% of your dedication, and know that this is moving you closer to your goals. You will gain a feeling of achievement knowing you have given your all every time you train.

In saying that, if you are feeling run down or sick, listen to your body and reduce your training intensity, but keep training.

3. Know Your Goals

Do you know that people who regularly write down their goals have a greater chance of achieving them? Write down what you want to achieve with your fitness, or find a picture of a person with a body similar to what you want to have. Place this on your fridge or somewhere where you can look at it regularly to gain inspiration and motivation.

4. Be Supported!

Support from family and friends can be a huge source of motivation. Talk to your partner and family about what you are trying to achieve with your health, and in turn this will involve them in the process so they can provide you with support and encouragement.

Bringing a friend along to training with you is also an excellent source of motivation. Statistics show that people are more likely to achieve their goals and stick to their training when training with a friend.

What is your best tip to keep motivated while exercising?

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