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How to know which brow style is right for you

How to know which brow style is right for you

Celebrity brow stylist and founder of Lux Brows & Lashes, Kim Evans takes us through all things brows. If you’ve been wondering how to get the most out of your brows, this one’s for you.

For someone who has never touched their brows before but wants a brow makeover, I
would always advise to chat directly to a brow specialist in their local area. Starting off
with a brow sculpt to define the shape is a great place to start and involves a wax, tweeze,
tint or lighten if required. It’s important to also couple any brow service with advice on
‘how to apply’ brow makeup at-home to get the most of your brows & how to best
maintain brows between visits.

Five brow styles & who they suit

If you haven’t had a chance to ask your brow specialist, but are wondering which brow
look will work best for you, follow the below guide for some starters. It’s important to
remember that every face and brow is different, and you want to work at accentuating
what you’ve got for the best results.
HEART Shaped Face: Most suited to brows with a slight arch / curve. Steer away from a
round shape brow as this will exaggerate roundness. Bring the brows in slightly at the
centre and your brow tail proportional to your face size.
ROUND Face: Arched angles are everything. A lifted arch point will lengthen your face
and pull those brow tails out. Do not don’t draw tails down.
LONG face: A flatter brow shape will give the illusion of a shorter face. Make sure your
centres aren’t too close to the nose and extend those brow tails, widening your beautiful
SQUARE face: Perfect shape for creating a strong brow. A chiselled jaw gives you the
power to create a strong, defined arch. Have a play with how much arch to bring the
most attention to those brows
OVAL face: If you’ve got an oval face, you’re the envy of lots of brow stylists! Symmetry is
key and easiest to achieve on an oval face, soft arches and lifted lengthened tails create
brow heaven.

Brow no-nos


When it comes to achieving the ultimate brow look, there are some things you need to
avoid for the best results.
At Lux Brows and Lashes, we advise against cutting or trimming your brow hair. We want
to create the best natural brow shape possible for you and trimming/cutting can get in
the way of this. Trimming the brow hairs is not suitable for those of us who don’t have a
lot of hair or sparse brow hair. Brow hair naturally falls and is curved in shape, which can
help conceal any gaps in the hair and add fullness to your brows. Trimming is performed
with the hair brushed up and if you cut that hair shorter, so it’s left without any length or
curve it’s just simply straight, eliminating any natural ‘fall’. Once it falls out it will reveal
gaps, leaving you with brow hairs that stick out and visible holes in the brows. While
cutting or trimming might look good on the day, the appearance of those cut, brushed
up shapely, full brows can be gone in a matter of a week.

What brow treatment should I get?

Whenever deciding on the best treatment for you, chat directly to your brow specialist so
they can help you create the brows of your dreams. Treatments vary depending on your
brow hair. Brow sculpting is great for perfecting your brow shape, brow lamination is
perfect for those looking to add fullness and for taming any unruly hairs, and brow
feathering – which is semi permanent strokes to mimic hair – is the bomb for perfect
brows 24/7.

DIY products to make your brows pop at-home

Brow Styling Soap is a ‘must-have’, an absolute essential makeup item for every woman! It helps you achieve a full and feathered look in seconds, all from your own bathroom or on the go. It’s also perfect for men who want some grooming to tame their brows too!

Our Brow Styling Soap gives you the strongest brow hold for all day long wear. It’s chock-
full of nourishing ingredients like coconut, caster, olive and Jojoba oil to nourish and
hydrate the brow hairs ensuring your brows are kept in peak condition.
The key to Brow Styling Soap is don’t over wet your spoolie brush (the applicator you use
to apply the soap) – in some cases, depending on the look you want to achieve, don’t wet
the spoolie at all. Rub the spoolie in the Brow Styling Soap, start by pressing the spoolie
onto the brow baseline and brush up 90 degrees, finishing by flicking the spoolie out
slightly sideways. The closer to the tail end of the brow the less degrees the spoolie brush
up becomes – so by the time you reach the tails of your brows your brushed hair angle is
45 degrees. Use a Brow Styling Soap in combination with brow powders and pencils to nail your at-home brow look.

By Celebrity brow stylist and founder of Lux Brows & Lashes, Kim Evans.

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