How to live a charmed life!

October 22, 2009

Do you worry about anything and everything? Then maybe it is time to make your life richer, happier and more fulfilling. Of course there are some people who are born with luck and prosperity but then there are others who learn how to attract it. Take our steps to a charmed life and make some life changes for good.

1. Know what you want. Picture your ideal life so you have something to aim for. It may seem ridiculous but big fat dreams are what we need to have something to aim for. Even more powerful is writing down your dreams. This helps to clarify your goals and has the uncanny ability of attracting those things to you.

2. Follow your heart. Every day try to do something that your heart tells you to do. If you can look back on a day and find within it even one warm memory or a single touching story, you’ve paid attention to your heart.

3. Be Adventurous. Do something that you usually wouldn’t do. If you are shy, push yourself to chat to a new person at work. Take a course so you have to meet new people or walk to work rather than catching the bus.

4. Write in a diary regularly. Record how good you feel on days that went your way. If you’re having trouble talking to another person or making sense of a situation then simply put pen to a diary and see what happens.

5. Organisation is the key. As there are so many circumstances that we have no control over you should learn to take control over things you can such as having clean hair everyday. Sort the mail into ‘answer, pay and file’ piles and prioritise. Always have a To Do list of what must be done, in which order. Be conscious of what will ultimately have the greatest impact on the bottom line and keeping your boss happy. Reserve the last half-hour of your day for clearing off your desk – it makes the next morning more pleasant.

6. Be different. Remember what you wanted to be when you were six. Concentrate on the kind of person you always wanted to become. That is the core of your uniqueness. Identify it and find a place for it in the world you now inhabit.

7. Do the dull things. Take your makeup off when you get home from work, do the mundane jobs. In doing the nagging or difficult things you develop courage and poise. Keep doing them because people will see you as a calmer and more efficient person.

8. Manage your money. If money is an issue try these tips: first, get comfortable with money – carry extra cash so you’ll never be caught short. Make sure you have a budget and plan so you know what you have to save/invest and what to put aside for bills. Don’t forget the power of compounding..the earlier you start investing the more rewards you will reap later on. Donate 10% of your money to charity..the ancient law of tithing says that when you give some money away it will ultimately come back to you and increase your prosperity.

9. Be compassionate. To be compassionate is to understand that others are different to us. Start by being compassionate to yourself… we can be our own harshest critics.

10. Count your blessings. Counting your blessings helps maintain a charmed life. Try this exercise: write down one positive thing you can see in each area of your life that relates to your family, finances, home, work, health, looks, hobby, talents, friends and your day. Acknowledging the blessings we already have helps to bring in more.

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