How To Look Good Travelling

December 20, 2012

We all aspire to look as glam as the celebs we see getting papped waltzing off a plane…but most of us end up looking haggard! Well, the good news is that everyone can strut off the plane on their next holiday looking like a jet-setting star thanks to the gorgeous Virgin Atlantic cabin crew! The team share their insider tips on how to travel in style this holiday season.

So keep those oversized sunnies in your check-in luggage because you won’t need them after reading the Virgin Atlantic crew’s beauty and style secrets:

H2O is the way to go

Keeping well hydrated by avoiding caffeinated beverages, alcohol and salty foods as well as drinking lots of water pre-travel and onboard will save your skin. It will also help you get those precious hours of sleep in.

Softly softly

Moisturising well before and during the flight will also help your skin from drying out.

Don’t shovel on the makeup

Use a mineral or light foundation, if any at all, to avoid skin dehydration. Then prior to landing you can freshen up with towelettes and apply a new, light layer of makeup.

Best foot forward

Being on top of your glam game doesn’t mean you have to wear sky rocketing heels on board. However, this does not mean we are giving you permission to sport your daggiest track pants! It is possible to wear comfortable clothes that look good. Our top picks would be casual dresses, with ballet flats, stockings, a cardigan and a scarf.

Back to basics

Get as much sleep as possible while flying will leave you looking and feeling more refreshed. Eye masks, travel pillows, ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones are commonly known tricks of the trade. Our tip is to try to relax, the same way you would do as if you were at home, whether that involves clearing your head of stressful thoughts, listening to some familiar music or meditating.

If all else fails…

A good strong red lippy will never fail to brighten up the face leaving you feeling confident and sexy – just like the Virgin Atlantic crew. For a final touch before disembarking put some colour on your lips and strut off that plane ready for your holiday!

What’s your best tip for travelling in style?

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