How To Lose Baby Weight (The Healthy Way)

April 30, 2013

We all know that losing weight can be tough – but add in sleepless night, errands and motherhood and it can seem impossible. Here’s 5 ways to lose baby weight the healthy way.

1. Increase your protein intake

More protein everyday will help you feel fuller for longer and
help to boost your metabolism. To do this always aim to have some kind
of protein when you snack – for example have some low fat yoghurt or
some nuts with your fruit for a mid mid morning snack or some low fat
cottage cheese on 2 rice cakes with sliced tomato.

2. Increase fibre in your diet

This will aid your digestion and help you to
feel fuller for longer. To do this cut out all processed food and eat lots of
fruit, vegetables as well as swapping white breads, white rice and white
pasta to wholegrain varieties.

3. Online food shopping

Do online food shopping so you stock up on healthy foods and your
cupboards are never bare which lead you to make poor choices – plus
throw out all junk food!

4. Incorporate exercise into you household chores

Do squats when hanging
out the washing or folding clothes. Do lunges when you are vacuuming.
Do horizontal leg lifts when cooking. Also, try dancing for your baby to
entertain them and get you both smiling – plus this will get your heart
rate up.

5. Drink a smoothie

Try having a Healthy Mummy smoothie to kick start your day –
they are packed full of nutrients, protein, fibre and flavour plus take only
2 minutes to make and will keep you full of energy for hours.

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