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How To Lose Weight The Cheat’s Way

How To Lose Weight The Cheat’s Way

How To Lose Weight The Cheat’s Way

We asked 3 SheSaid readers to road-test hypnosis, slimming green coffee and the cabbage soup diet to find out if you can lose weight the easy way. Here’s what they found…


The idea of being hypnotised to lose weight sounded very intriguing to SheSaid reader Nora – for one it was the perfect way to try out hypnosis. “Would I end up clucking like a chicken?” She visited a Melbourne hypnotist who specialises in helping clients loss weight loss or to quit smoking. His program consists of three sessions with a 95% success rate, in fact he only works by word of mouth to ensure a high rate of satisfaction.

Nora completed the three sessions over two weeks and was amazed by the experience. “Firstly, I had no idea hypnosis was so relaxing. It’s just like the best meditation you’ve ever had. He had to tap me at one point to stop me falling asleep.” The hypnotist convinced her to eat smaller portions and tweaked her focus to be less about food, avoiding snacks and sweets.

The results are immediate and very impressive. Nora has lost 7 kgs in 4 weeks and now longer thinks about food all the time. She eats only when she’s hungry instead of constantly snacking. “The worst was when I’d fill up on petrol and I’d always pick up a packet of chips or a chocolate bar. Now I never think about that sort of thing!”

Green coffee

Cathy was up for trying slimming green coffee as like many working mums she doesn’t have time for the gym or cooking light meals separately for herself. You drink a cup of green coffee in the morning before breakfast, and apart from upping your water intake (you must drink 2-3 litres a day) you can eat as you usually do.

Cathy reported straight away that she just wasn’t as hungry as she usually is, and was thinking about food a lot less. She felt like her stomach was shrinking after a few days, and so only need half her regular portion size to feel full. While she’d usually eat a big roll for lunch followed by something sweet like a muffin or biscuit, she now eats half a sandwich, or a few pieces of sushi.

Her husband is now into the green coffee and together they are eating much smaller, healthier dinners and not snacking. They’ve lost their beer bellies and muffin tops and feel like they have much more energy. They’ve decided to just drink the coffee on weekday mornings as weekends are usually taken up with eating out with friends. They love the results so much they’re now also exercising several times a week in conjunction with the green coffee.

Cabbage soup diet

“Hmm, I’m not sure about this.” Reader Tania was apprehensive when we offered up the cabbage soup diet to road-test. “What about the farting? And boiled cabbage doesn’t smell too good!”

Tania printed off the 7 day eating plan and made a big batch of the cabbage soup. “I almost don’t want to admit this, but the soup tastes really good. It’s just a yummy vegetable soup, not too cabbage-y!”

It took a few days to get her head around eating veggie soup for breakfast, but found it easier to swallow once she started fitting into her old jeans – in her first week. The other thing Tania reported was you never go hungry – the cabbage soup diet tells you the more cabbage soup you eat the more weight you lose.

So, when she’d get those mid-afternoon hunger pains, she reached for a bowl of soup, and it filled her up. And instead of eating a biscuit before bed as she used to do, she’d have a small cup of soup.

After a week Tania lost 2.5kgs and says her tummy is much flatter, and recommends the diet to anyone needing to slim down or detox. “This is a great diet for the silly season. I know I’ll be eating fatty food so I’ll be trying to balance it out with the cabbage soup. Plus I haven’t eaten so many vegetables in a while so I feel like I’m getting a huge vitamin boost.”

If you’re thinking of doing any of these diets please check with your GP or nutritionist first.

Have you tried any of these weight loss methods, or any other ‘cheat’s diets’?

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