How To Make The Perfect Cuppa

September 27, 2010

How To Make The Perfect Cuppa

For centuries, people all over the world have pursued the perfect “cuppa” and with 22 million cups of tea consumed in Australia each day, there will certainly be some varying brewing methods!

To assist Australians in brewing the perfect cup of tea, Lipton has teamed up with Stuart Sanders, one of four Silver Tea Masters in Australia, to compile the below information on brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Designed for lovers of tea, Stuart shares his insider trade secrets with this a step-by-step guide:

Tip One – Water temperature

Getting the water temperature “just right” is important, as it can dramatically influence the tea’s flavour.

The ideal brewing temperature for Lipton Quality Black Tea is 100°C. Water any warmer will burn the tea leaves and spoil the flavour and quality of tea.

To achieve the perfect temperature always stop the kettle as soon as it reaches boiling point, to prevent water rising above 100°C.

Tip Two – Teapot and tea cup temperature

When preparing tea it is important to warm the teapot and cups by running them over warm water. Without this, a cold tea pot or cup will cool down boiling water and leave tea with a bitter taste.

There are many misconceptions about how long you should brew a tea bag. It is often thought that the longer tea is brewed the stronger and more pleasant the tea will be. This isn’t the case.

To get the ideal aroma, colour and taste Lipton Quality Black Tea bags should be brewed for 3 ½ minutes.

Raw sugar is the best match for Lipton Quality Black Tea as it has a mild sweetness that best suits the tea’s refreshing and bold flavour. White sugar is heavily processed and has a lolly sweetness that should be used sparingly.

It is a common misconception that milk should be added before hot water when making tea, to prevent burning the tea leaves. Making tea this way may draw bitterness out of the tea bag, the same way it would by making tea with cold water.

Therefore, it is best to add milk after water, according to your preference of strong or weak tea.

It is said that there is nothing like drinking tea out of a bone china cup but there is actually no evidence to support this claim. However, drinking tea from a cup with a wide rim enables the drinker to best smell, see
and taste tea. The most important thing is to enjoy tea in your favourite cup.

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