How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

April 21, 2011

Q&A With Celebrity Manicurist Fiona Hay

1. What are your favourite nail trends this autumn/winter?

I’m totally loving the greys, from beigey greys through to the deep gunmetal shades. I’m also crazy about the deep teal greens and purples.

2. Short or long – how do you know what’s best for your nails?

Everyone’s version of short or long is different, depending on your anatomy. I consider short to be just to the end of your fingertip, anything over that is moving into long. It is always nice to not see any skin above the end of your nail.

3. What are your tips for healthy, strong nails?


Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle

Have regular manicures

Use a cuticle oil daily

Use Orly Nailtrition nail strengthener alone or as a base coat


Over buff nails

Do not pick old nailpolish off, use a non acetone polish remover

Cut cuticles, only non living tissue should be removed

4. What is the best way to make your manicure last longer?

Always apply base and top coat when painting your nails. Make sure you also brush a stroke of top coat accross the free edge (tip) of the nail to seal in your layers of colour. Apply a top coat each day to strengthen and maintain a freshly manicured shine.

5. Should you match your nail colour to your toes, or is it ok to mix it up?

There are no rules that say you have to match fingers and toes. Sometimes an open toe shoe needs a specific colour to best compliment it, and your hands need something to work with your clothes. So just do what works best for your outfit.

Check out our picks for autumn/winter nail colours, including ORLY’s gorgeous limited edition Birds of a Feather collection!

What’s your all-time favourite nail polish?

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