How To Match Food And Wine

December 29, 2010

How To Match Food And Wine

1. The old rules still ring true. White meat and fish go well with white wine. The lighter the food, the lighter the wine. Try riesling for fish or chardonnay for chicken.

2. The same goes for red meat and red wine. The richer the food, the stronger the wine to cut through the heavier flavours. Steak and shiraz are a match made in heaven, as is duck and pinot noir.

3. Reconsider sparkling wine and Champagne as just a wine to drink at celebrations or with canapes. Bubbly go really well with food such as oysters and other seafood.

4. Match food flavours with similar flavours in wine. For example, a fresh, grassy sauvignon blanc is amazing with summer vegetables like asparagus as well as Asian dishes that are packed with herbs.

5. Fatty foods need a tannic wine that cuts through the oil. For example fatty lamb chops go well with cabernet sauvignon. Look out for any mention of tannins on the wine label.

6. Spicy foods need a lighter, sweeter style of wine. Rose and verdelho are perfect for curries or spicy stir fries.

7. Salty foods need soft wines that are low in acid. Pinot grigio is delicious with pizzas and cheesy pasta dishes.

8. Dessert wines and ‘stickies’ are fantastic with cheese plates, but can be too sweet with other desserts. Red wine and port is lovely with chocolate dishes, and sparkling wines go well with cake. There are also some lighter stickies out there that don’t cloy which make the perfect all-rounder.

9. Experiment with wines. We often get stuck buying the same label or same wine variety – for example sauvignon blanc in summer. Chardonnay used to be very popular in the 80s but most people wouldn’t go near it now, however there eare some delicious, complex chardies that are far from the heavily oaky ones we remember! Most liquor stores hold regular wine tastings so pop down and give some different varietals a go.

10. The most important rule though is to go with what you like! Life is too short to drink bad wine or suffer through something you just don’t like – if you enjoy shiraz with oysters or bubbly with steak than go for it!

What’s your favourite type of wine?

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