How to Meet your Man (cont’d)

October 3, 2000

But don’t set the wedding date yet because the likelihood is that if they know any nice/single/straight/available men they’ll be snatching them up and telling them to stay away from you, you know, “because of the syphilis”. Or they’ll tell you about this, ‘fabulous’ guy they work with, who when you finally meet him weighs 8 stone, is 31 but still has teenage acne and spends his spare time, “with Mumsie doing cross-words”.What you really need to do is to take John ‘Men Are From Mars’ Gray off your required reading list and live in the moment. Take chances and don’t be afraid of looking like a desperate fool. Remember that there are millions of perfectly intelligent and attractive people out there just like you who are also single and looking for love.

Put your profile on a respected Internet dating service, join a dating agency or hire a professional matchmaker. Whatever you do take action and keep at it. Most of us were brought up to believe that if we sit back love will miraculously appear. Well, anyone who has spent a month long of lonely Saturday nights at home will tell you that’s a load of crap.

So, if you are getting bored of patiently waiting for your life partner it is time for you to do something right now. Make finding love a top priority in your life. Set a goal of meeting someone so you have a date to bring in the New Year and for every New Year after that.

Think it is an impossible goal? Well, shame on you disbeliever. Keep listening because I’m going to give you some excellent advice. What you are doing now isn’t working so it is time to change your habits permanently and fast. Let me spell it out. Next time you are within the immediate vicinity of a man do not, let me repeat, do not follow your urge to run or look the other way.

Instead of pretending that you are busily reading the classified ads or studiously watching out for a friend take the initiative, turn to him and say hello. You heard me say, “H-E-L-L-O!” It is only one word but it will change your dating life forever.

The worst that will happen is he’ll say hi and walk away. But if you keep trying or strike it lucky on your first go, you’ll come across someone who truly is fabulous. You’ll, you know, like, start a conversation and who knows what’ll happen from there. Try it, you’ll see, it honestly works. Just think one word or another winter alone. I know what I’ll be doing…

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