How To Plan The Ultimate Kid’s Party

October 22, 2012

Kid’s parties should be fun…but they can be pretty stressful to organise. Aeroplane Jelly come to the rescue with 10 party planning tips to ensure everyone has a good time – even you!

1. Choose the party theme, decorations and games ahead of time to avoid the last minute rush.

2. Try to keep the guest list to a minimum. Your child may want to invite their entire class to their special day, but it may be challenging to watch and entertain 30 children, 8- 12 guests are just enough to make it enjoyable without too much chaos.

3. Parties for children don’t have to be an all-day affair, by keeping the celebration to two to three hours starting in the afternoon allows enough time to set up before guests start to arrive.

4. If needed recruit more parents to help out on the day.

5. Make a couple of extra party bags for siblings of guests who stay unexpectedly.

6. Make sure your party doesn’t clash with any other important events, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc.

7. Remember to have on hand candles and a lighter or matches for the cake.

8. Label prizes for each game so that you know what goes with what.

9. Keep party bags hidden until the end.

10. Hide away anything breakable or of value before the party.

What’s your best kid’s party planning tip?

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