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Weekend Wit: How To Resist The Chocolate This Easter

Weekend Wit: How To Resist The Chocolate This Easter

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Easter is always a tricky time of year for weight loss. There’s so many delicious goodies out that will add those extra centimetres everywhere you don’t want them. Between the hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and carrot cakes that will be available when you visit family and friends, there are lots of extra calories that can set you back in your weight loss goals and put on that unwanted weight.

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Resisting the treats at Easter can be really hard, because everywhere you look, there are temptations. The grocery store is floor to ceiling full of chocolates, there’s Easter eggs on the table at work and everywhere you turn someone is offering you something full of sugar. Be calm, and stay strong. There are a couple of tricks you can use to resist the chocolate and stave off those unwanted calories this year.

Distract Yourself

When your colleagues are tucking into the Easter treats in the lunch room, distract yourself by making a cup of tea or watching a funny YouTube clip. When you feel like you want chocolate at home, try going for a walk, playing with your pet or doing the laundry instead. Distracting yourself will let the chocolate craving pass and you’ll get more things done.

Stay Active

Staying active will make you feel good and make you think about bad food less. When you’re working so hard to achieve results, you often eat better food to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside. Staying active can keep your mind off the chocolates and on the squats.

Keep It Away

Don’t even buy chocolate to have in the house this year. By removing the temptation, you’re less likely to feel like sneaking a few eggs or a slice of cake. When doing the groceries, avoid the aisles where you know you will feel compelled to the naughty food.

Make It Healthy

If you’re doing Easter at a friend or relative’s this year, make some healthy treats instead of bringing over chocolate. Protein or bliss balls with raw cacao or your own homemade, healthy hot cross buns are a great alternative to the fatty and sugary snacks. That way you also ensure that there will be things there that you can eat.

All In Moderation

If you do feel the need to have a little sugar hit, try to have a small amount of dark chocolate. The dark chocolate will take away your craving without all the added calories from cream and caramel filled eggs.

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