How To Save Money In 6 Easy Steps

July 11, 2013

Who hasn’t faced a cash crunch? We’ve tried-and-tested these easy money saving tips that will save you the money for that holiday, and still manage to pay your rent on time.

1. Healthy eating

Here’s another good reason to eat healthy: it costs less than eating out! Junk food might sound cheap, but cooking at home always comes in cheaper. Even those cheap pub meals add up (think about those add-on bottles of wine and dessert!). It’s not even junk food that’s expensive – those daily visits to the coffeeshop and juice bar eats up a lot of your income.

2. Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle means no binging, no binge drinking, and exercising regularly. What you don’t realise is all these are money-saving activities too. A healthy lifestyle is definitely easy on the purse and has long-lasting effects on your finances as you won’t be spending half your income at the pub.

3. Decide on a budget

Even if you’ve heard it many times, but found it difficult to do so, sticking to a financial budget does help in saving money. Start by paying all your bills at the beginning of the month. Direct debit is a great way to automate bill paying and free up your time. Keeping a schedule of payments allows us to realise how much money we can spend once the bills are paid. Also, log in to your internet banking regularly and check your account balance. Seeing your current balance on your savings and credit card accounts is a tangible reminder of your finances.

4. Planned shopping

You will be surprised how much you can save if you carry a shopping list as opposed to just popping into the shops without a plan. Also, shop for groceries when it’s most convenient for you – if a weekly weekend shop is best, schedule that in and stick to it, but if you’re buying in bulk and wasting a lot of groceries, consider 2-3 smaller shops a week.

5. Pay in cash

Believe me, I tried this myself and it helps. Looking at my hard-eared income disappear in physical cash is far more of a wake-up call to control my spending, than just signing the bill willy-nilly.

6. Go eco-friendly

When you use power-saving devices, not only do you get brownie points for looking after the environment, but you are also saving on those mounting power bills, water bills, etc. Another tip we love is raiding your local vintage shop next time you feel a shopping spree coming on, or holding a clothes swap with your friends.

How do you save money? Share your tips in the comments below!

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