How To Score Relationship Points During The Rugby World Cup

September 7, 2011

Dr. Gian Gonzaga, senior director of research and development at, has some tips to help singles and couples, rugby lovers and haters, to score relationship points during the World Cup.

For the singles who love the rugby…

Whether you’re a single man or woman, just because you’ll be glued to the screen during September doesn’t mean you have to put your dating life on hold. In fact, this is a perfect opportunity to switch off your plasma, get off the couch, and find someone who shares your passion. Dr. Gonzaga suggests you head down to your local sports bar or public viewing area to watch the game on the big screen with like-minded fans. A great way to strike up a conversation is to challenge someone to a fun and cheeky bet – it’s even better if they barrack for the other team!

For the singles who hate the rugby…

If you’re single and you hate rugby, it may seem odd, but this is a fantastic time for you to get out there and meet someone special. It creates the perfect opportunity for single men, because many women also couldn’t care less about the sport. It also allows you to capitalise on the lack of other male competition! For women, this is your time to find a like-minded male who is not a rugby fanatic. Dr. Gonzaga advises that on game night you completely avoid bars with TV screens, and instead opt for smaller, more intimate locations that won’t be filled with fans screaming obscenities at the ref!

For couples who share a love for rugby…

The Rugby World Cup provides a fantastic opportunity for you and your partner to spend quality time together. Celebrate together by hosting a rugby party for friends and family, or take turns in picking new venues to enjoy each of the games together. No matter where you watch it, all that matters is that you share your passion with one another – it may even spark passions of a different kind!

For couples who differ in their love of rugby…

If you are the only one in your relationship with rugby fever, start preparing NOW! You know you will be spending a bit of time and money at the pub during the Cup, so Dr. Gonzaga suggests that you plan a romantic evening together before the games begin. Your partner’s appreciation should last until about half way through the Cup! Following that, instead of leaving them abandoned while you go out to watch the games, suggest hosting World Cup parties together. This way you give them the opportunity to find support from other suffering non-rugby fans in your group of friends.

If you hate the rugby but your partner is obsessed, use this as an opportunity to do some things without them – see that art exhibit you have been meaning to get to; take a class; or simply call up a friend you haven’t caught up with in ages to go for dinner.

Are you or your partner into the Rugby World Cup?

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